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Punta del Este

The Uruguayan coast is characterized by vast areas of pristine beaches with dunes, lakes and extensive areas of fields and farms. The region of Punta del Este has 60km of coastline with beautiful sights of the Atlantic Ocean. The city of Punta del Este is a symbol of Uruguay and the major resort in South America.

Punta del Este has avenues with modern luxury apartment towers, casinos and restaurants with famous chefs. There are shopping centers, golf courses, wide boulevards, beaches and mansions where billionaires enjoy their holidays.

It started as a resort for local and yet it has become a holiday destination for neighboring countries. In winter population is 20,000 inhabitants and in summer seasons there are about one million people visiting, mostly Argentines, Brazilians and Europeans.

Punta del Este has a magnificent promenade and a marina with 500 moorings. Boats visits Lobos Island, a nature reserve with the largest colony in the hemisphere, 300,000 sea lions. The other island is the island Gorriti which is closer to the port and preserves nature and hides stories of battles and treasures.

Not far from the port of Punta del Este the lighthouse built in 1860 to support navigation between Europe and the Río de la Plata, was the pillar of its conception. Then came seafarers attracted by the natural beauty of the peninsula and later on wealthy families established themselves in the beautiful corner of the peninsula.

One of the greatest charms is to wander along Gorlero Avenue, the main street of the resort, the tourist epicenter of life. Here is where the galleries, cinemas, casinos and restaurants and international boutiques can be found.

Punta Del Este is a city known for its beauty and tranquility. Houses and green gardens face the coast as if time has not passed. For tourists, Punta Del Este is exceptional for an unforgettable vacation and for those seeking a new place to live it offers a practical lifestyle where everything is at hand.

The city of Punta del Este, among other things, is internationally recognized as the most important and exclusive resort of South America, in addition to being one of the most famous cities in the world as one of the meeting points of the jet set.
The extraordinary variety of offerings and infrastructure and its natural beauty surrounding the peninsula turned Punta Del Este into the largest resort in America.
This city combines activities for all styles, miles of beautiful coastline and pristine waters, houses with magnificent gardens and the most incredible sunsets. Magical and natural, life passes between meetings with friends and the simple moments shared in the privacy of the family.


But when mentioning Punta Del Este we also refer to the 70 km. of coastline offering the most varied beaches, ranging from the calm waters of the bays to the high waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

The resort grew westward forming Punta Ballena and Portezuelo and eastward creating La Barra and Jose Ignacio. The beaches, both on the side of La Mansa and La Brava, are excellent and allow the practice of most water sports. The Brava is chosen by tourists seeking action and enjoying sports and water activities. All the beaches have excellent bathing facilities, potable water, hostels, lifeguard services and surveillance. There are naturist beaches available as well with wild and private settings in Jose Ignacio and Portezuelo. Punta Ballena offers different landscapes, each with its own characteristics with the white and original Casapueblo on the cliff facing the west.

When night becomes Punta Del Este becomes full of action and energy, The cool night breeze invites to enjoy dozens of clubs, pubs, clubs and cultural and musical shows. Lovers of chance and games of casino, located in Punta del Este the ideal place for emotion in this regard highlights the Conrad Resort & Casino principally and Mantra Resort Spa & Casino.

Punta Del Este is one of those places difficult to find and even harder to forget.

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